06 March 2013

Panda Head x Violet Boutique

I'm nothing short of THRILLED to announce that we recently teamed up with DC's Violet Boutique on their Spring 2013 lookbook! Shot by the IMMENSELY TALENTED Lexie Moreland and featuring contributions from an outrageous lineup of amazing people, the above is just a tiny little preview of the upcoming release.
STAY TUNED for official announcements, full credits, etc, and until then, MEGA CONGRATULATIONS to Violet Boutique on two fantastic years in the District!

photo Lexie Moreland
for Violet Boutique
styling/art direction by
Morgan Hungerford West, Kate Greene, and Nilay Lawson
of Panda Head Magazine
hair by Rebekah Calo
makeup by Ashley May
featuring Kiara Martinez

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