25 March 2013

rescue saint clair.

An electrical fire broke out in the home of DC jewelry designer Cameron Archer last week, while she, her roommates, and her dog were sleeping. Everyone made it out of the house with their lives and their jammies - things could have been far worse, but they could have been way better.
We (Erik, Kate, Nilay, and myself, AKA the Panda Mag crew) worked with SAINT CLAIR Jewelry on a promo video last year, and we've counted Cameron as a friend both before and since. She's been gaining serious traction with her handmade (and gorgeous) collection of stone and metal necklaces since launching her Etsy shop in December, and we would absolutely hate for her to feel like this setback was, well, A SETBACK.
We spent yesterday with a small group of friends and family, crafting a run of limited-edition wooden necklaces, to RESCUE SAINT CLAIR. We're reaching out to you - the creative community of Washington, DC and beyond - to help Cameron get things back up and running.

Necklaces are $10 (+ $1.25 for shipping, regardless of location or amount ordered), with 100% of sales going towards helping Cameron keep focus on SAINT CLAIR. Each necklace is made from a slice of sourced wood, hand-sanded, drilled, and strung on a length of knotted, light-gold silk cord. We made a run of 100, all are which are one-of-a-kind. 30 are hand-painted with a unique design, with either magenta or mustard-colored acrylic paint; 70 we left natural, to feature the beautiful wood-grain and color.

As people with projects, side projects, and an absolute understanding of the time, energy, and financial commitment that it takes to maintain THOSE THINGS YOU DO when you just want to DO what you LOVE, we sincerely hope that you'll consider purchasing a RESCUE SAINT CLAIR necklace. And we sincerely hope you know how grateful we would be that you did.

#archerfoundation crew: Andrew Herndon, Ashley Fulwiler, Barbara Donaldson, Chris Peguese, Cortney Peguese, Erik Loften, Haley Harter, Kate Greene, Kate Woodsome, Mitchell West, Morgan Hungerford West, Philippe Chetrit, and babies Aurora and Mango.   
any necklaces ordered this week will ship Monday, April 1.
RESCUE SAINT CLAIR design by Erik Loften.
photos featuring Kate Greene.
check the PANDA HEAD FB page for pics from FACTORY SAINT CLAIR. 

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