28 March 2013

sittin' pretty.

from Night Walker, a print by Taylor Barbosa
Images from Taylor Barbosa's Sittin' Pretty zine came up in my Tumblr feed last month (with nearly 500 notes and comments, no less), and I kind of freaked out/FELL IN LOVE with her work. Featuring saturated colors, charmingly dark undertones, and a handmade quality that makes holding it in your hands SUCH A JOY, I was so happy that Taylor was not only kind enough to send some of her zines and prints my way, but that she also agreed to a few questions about her artwork, process, and future plans.

scan from Sittin' Pretty
I love the characters you draw, and in Opposites Attract there's a whole cast of Trekkies, goths and ghosts. Have you been working with these guys for a while?
Thank you! I like to invent new characters all the time, but you will definitely see them pop up time and again in my work.

scan from Opposites Attract
Sittin' Pretty was your first zine - how did it come about?
A lot of my friends in Denver are really big into zines and I always thought they were pretty cool, but I had no idea how to make them, and was honestly too scared to try for the longest time. They kept coming up more and more though, so finally I gathered up the courage to try to make one. The idea for Sittin' Pretty, specifically, comes from my feelings that women and girls don't hold an advantageous position, especially in artistic representation. It's the first zine I've ever made so there were a lot of kinks, and my run was pretty limited, but I plan to print it again soon...[and] I'm actually working on the second issue of Sittin' Pretty as we speak. I'm planning to simplify my process a little bit, but amp up the color and edition size of this one. And these will be available online.
You collaborate with your sister, Jazzmyn, on certain projects - is she an artist as well?
My twin sister is actually a printmaker, too! Most things in our life are shared and printmaking is no exception. Recently we made a couple zines together. Typically her or I will draw something and we'll print that as a layer, then the other will draw and print on top of that, and so on. We keep going until it feels done.
scan from Sittin' Pretty
And when you're not making zines?
I'm 22 and I study printmaking at Metro State College in Denver, and I work at a little coffee shop on the side (which I guess makes me sort of a cliche).

all artwork by Taylor Barbosa
Taylor Barbosa Tumblr
@barboobsa on Instagram 

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