20 March 2013

Violet Boutique: Spring 2013 Lookbook

We at Panda Head Magazine are SO thrilled to have worked with DC's Violet Boutique on their Spring 2013 lookbook - and even more excited to release it today! Shot by photographer Lexie Moreland, and coordinated, styled, and art directed by Kate Greene, Nilay Lawson, and myself, we feel INCREDIBLY lucky to have worked with an absolutely amazing, mega A++ cast and crew on this shoot.

Many, many, many thanks to Violet Boutique owner Julie Egermayer for entrusting us with the project - we loved every minute of mixing her fresh/FUN/carefree/CALIFORNIA-BREEZY steez with our own vIbEz, and we're just beyond happy with what we made in the process. The full lookbook set is hosted here, we'd love if you were able to take a look. Oh oh, hey - TONS more behind-the-scenes images/a VIDEO/instagramz/etc/etc/etc to come today and tomorrow - both here and at the Panda Head FB page!

All photos by Lexie Moreland
for Violet Boutique.
Set, styling, and art direction by
Morgan Hungerford West, Kate Greene, and Nilay Lawson
of Panda Head Magazine.
Hair by Rebekah Calo.
Makeup by Ashley May.
Featuring Anais Navarro-Laurent, Assia Richardson,
Kate O'Neill, and Kiara Martinez.
Shot on location in the NativeDanger studio at 52 O St.
Charcoal artwork in images 14 + 16 by NativeDanger.
IMMENSE thank yous to this whole entire list - wildly talented with work ethics to match, this project would have been incomplete without them. HUGS.

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Blogger emily said...

lookin' so good!!! I'm getting a very SOLANGE vibe. CONGRATS!

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