09 April 2013


I was VERY stoked last week to try out scratchDC, a District-based business delivering bundles of pre-measured, pre-chopped, and pre-marinated ingredients for two - organic and locally-sourced, and with an accompanying recipe - to order. I chose the Chicken Schawarma from the weekly-rotating menu (to which I added the half-can of chickpeas that, besides a tupperware container filled with paper-mรขche glue, was the sole occupant of our refrigerator), and we paired it all with a glass of my husband's homebrewed IPA. It went over big. Like, BIG big.
As a household whose work hours often creep well into the late evening (leaving juuuuuuust enough shopping energy to grab a bottle of wine from the corner market) but to whom takeout feels like, well, FAILURE - scratchDC satisfied both time constraints and the urge to cook at home. WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER.

scratchDC is offering 15% your first order; enter promo code "pandahead" at checkout.

And OH HEY - starting April 15th, scratchDC is expanding its delivery services into Arlington and Alexandria! 

this is a sponsored post (thank you, scratchDC!). please click here for info/policies.

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