25 April 2013

unblinking gemstones!

826DC is a writing center in Columbia Heights, providing ~FREE~ workshops and afterschool tutoring for kids ages 6-18. The center is fronted by the Museum of Unnatural History, a little gift shop filled with surreal exhibits (including a CAVE) that makes it possible for the non-profit to live in a space zoned for retail (making them a super-accessible resource for parents/kids/schools/visitors). 
When they got in touch about a window installation I was THRILLED to put something together, and so spent the week carving, hand-painting, and hot-gluing (and channeling all things PEE WEE HERMAN SHOW, if you couldn't tell). The end result was a legion of UNBLINKING GEMSTONES - cranky little monster-rocks who haven't had a nap since the dawn of time. You'll have to stop by 826 to check out the final product (and for the full story) - thanks so much for having me, 826DC!

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