06 May 2013

on paper.

I successfully managed to NOT grab my camera every time I left the house this weekend, so this weekend will be recapped by way of scanned TOTE BAG EPHEMERA. Clockwise from top left:
1) a B&C tag from a skirt Mitchell bought for me at this weekend's pop-up.
2) Black Whiskey opened this weekend and it's RIDIC GORGEOUS...
3) ...and at the opening party I ran into Dana Jeri Maier, a mega-talented artist/illustrator I'd met at a dinner party a while ago. You know when you can't quite place someone so you stare at them like a creep for many minutes? That happened. She was lovely about it.
4) a lil' lunch receipt from So's Your Mom, from a SAMMIE RUN with Carmen, one of my two Summer interns! More on/from both her and her compatriot Arneisha, very very soon.

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