21 June 2013

30 under 30 at Refinery29 DC!

Refinery29 DC's 30 Under 30 spread went LIVE today - it's full of amazing twenty-somethings doing a combined one million amazing things around the District. I'm honored to have worked on this shoot as stylist; not only was it a pleasure to meet/catch up with/put faces to names with all the subjects (to say nothing of getting to paw through all their clothes!), but the crew was FANTASTIC and the three-day project went by in a flash.
Thanks so much to R29 photo editor Sara McDowell, DC editor Holly Thomas, and photographer Geordy Pearson for having me - you can click over to Refinery29 for the full spread, which includes the above folks - GEMS, Sweetgreen's Jonathan Neman, and rapper Phil Adé (in probably my favorite look from the whole shoot) - and heyyy! Don't miss Panda Mag's Kate Greene, looking all dreamy in all-white!

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