25 June 2013


Sunday's Topaz + Arrow workshop was seriously a dream. All our attendees were amazing and SO creative, the Ulysses Room was the perfect backdrop for what really did feel like an intimate little craft party, and my partner Virginia and I had an absolute blast leading everyone through the ins and outs of decorating with feathers, yarn, and branches - and an even better time standing back and watching everyone get busy with their materials to create their own home décor piece!

Many, many magical thanks to our event partners - our guests loved the Créme Yvette cocktails, Kushi sushi, and HonestTea - and to our Topaz + Arrow workshop assistants, Cortney, Carmen, and Ruya (to say nothing of BROPAZ, AKA Mitchell and Kelly, AKA our super amazing, table-folding/ladder-holding husbands).

Virginia and I could not be more excited to have had such a beautiful start to all things Topaz + Arrow, and are immensely grateful to our inaugural workshop attendees for having made it such an incredible experience for us. We're pretty much bouncing-off-the-walls excited for July's event - tickets are available as of RIGHT NOW (and more about that workshop later this week)!

thank you to Cortney Peguese for photos from the event.