03 July 2013

a very Gordy's 4th of July!

As mentioned, I had THE BEST time working on a shoot with DC-based, small-batch pickle company Gordy's Pickle Jar last week! As July 4th is more or less the official kickoff to barbecue season, I thought I'd share a little preview of the backyard, Summer magic that went down last week, courtesy photographer Justin T. Gellerson.
Can't wait to share the rest of the set soon - and hey! If you're in DC this weekend, be sure to stop by Union Market for the two-day Gordy's pop-up! My entire LIFE has revolved around their Sweet Chips as of late (and yours could benefit from the same).

photos by Justin T. Gellerson
for Gordy's Pickle Jar.
art direction Morgan Hungerford West.
product styling by MHW and M. Gert Barkovic/MUTINY DC,
featuring pieces c/o Trohv, Salt & Sundry, and Joint Custody.
special thanks to Boulevard Brewing Co.,
and to Susan Smirnow and Sean Saville for their backyard generosity.

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