31 July 2013

Summer Bohemian with Topaz + Arrow!

It's becoming Topaz + Arrow tradition for Virginia and I to sit back, post-workshop, and re-hash every glue and glitter-covered detail of the afternoon; this past Sunday we were hard-pressed to talk about anything besides how amazingly/endlessly/insanely creative our guests were. Tasked with making clutches, bracelets, necklaces, tassels, and anything else they could come up with from the pile of beads, floss, needles, yarn, and glue guns on each table, by the end of the session some TRULY amazing pieces had been constructed.

The Summer Bohemian theme to the workshop was a blast to work around, decor-wise. The tents and the glow-y lighting lent ~sUmMeR cAmP~ vibez to the afternoon, and while I'm generally loathe to give advice (JK), should you ever need to make roughly thirty god's eyes of varying sizes I would strongly encourage you to do so while re-watching Season 5 of Breaking Bad!!

ENORMOUS thank yous go out to our partners for July's workshop: Kushi, HonestTea, Righteous Cheese, Boulevard Brewing, and SCRAP DC, to photographer Victoria Milko for documenting the afternoon, to Kelly Hughes and TA intern Ruya for their assistance during the event, and to Virginia's and my husbands, AKA BROPAZ + ARROW, for all their heavy lifting. And of course to our guests! Our amazing, amazing guests! We couldn't have handpicked a better group of people with which to spend our Sunday.

We'll be announcing August's event a little later this week (and oh, man - it's A GOOD ONE), so keep an eye on TopazandArrow.com - we'd LOVE to see you next month!