16 July 2013

summer reading.

simplebooklet.combecause (mostly) brainless and/or bone-chilling Summer reading is THE BEST:
1) I read Beautiful Ruins while I was in Georgia, and loved it equally for the near-perfect main storyline and its occasional moments of TOTAL CHEESE.
2) The Snowman was one of the creepiest books I've read in the last few years; I'm torn between re-reading it or just picking up (the not new but newly-released to America) The Bat.
3) JAWS, the movie, is a Summer staple, but a quick re-read of the paperback is a for real Summer indulgence. Mostly because there's WAY MORE SEX in the book.
4) Also on the Summer indulgence shelf? Gillian Flynn's entire catalog. I started with Gone Girl and didn't stop until I'd eaten up Dark Places and Sharp Objects; each was impossible to put down, and will leave you with that horrifically unsettled feeling that you'll need to balance out all that seasonal sunshine; happiness; trust in humankind.