22 July 2013

the dream fort.

I've spent the better part of July working on the DREAM FORT - three hammocks, 75 feet of soft, glow-y bistro lighting with gold lamé accents, and just under 400 square feet of hand-pieced and quilted florals, stripes, violet-and-lavender solids, and tie-dyed sheer panels - in anticipation of this past Saturday's DREAM LOVER party with BYT at the South Street Seaport in New York!

As always, it was an absolute pleasure working with Brightest Young Things, and I couldn't have been more excited with how the visuals came together. Many thanks to Svetlana Legetic and Megan Burns (aka the BYT NYC crew) for their help during install, to my NYC BFF Meredith for hosting me and MEGA-QUILT for the better half of a week, to my intern Arneisha Copeland for wielding scissors, and of course and as always to my husband Mitchell, for not only tolerating but ENCOURAGING the DC-based preparations. Our bathtub may or may not still be tinted (a very pleasant shade of) indigo.

The event itself was relaxed and just so much fun - Erika Spring played ALL the hammock-appropriate Summer jams (and she's pretty magical herself), and the Seaport itself is really and totally amazing. BYT NYC has a great little photo set of the night; should you find yourself there and in need of a little DREAMY you can stop by Cannon's Art Walk - the installation is in place for another week or so, and there's a hammock (or three) with your name on it.

top photo Max Cook for Brightest Young Things

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