02 August 2013

Topaz + Arrow at Black Whiskey!

It is with immense excitement that I pass along this news: Topaz + Arrow has struck up a VISUAL PARTNERSHIP with Logan Circle's Black Whiskey!
Virginia and I have been SO thrilled to work with Kushi Izakaya & Sushi on every go-round of our monthly workshop series (the fried chicken and edamame is a CULT FAVE), and it's a DREAM PROJECT to be providing the window installations for Black Whiskey, the 14th St bar + social room from the very same folks.
Going forward, we'll be featuring Topaz + Arrow installations and artwork - monthly! - in that gorgeous window up there; superthanks to Black Whiskey's Ari Kushimoto and Darren Norris for the amazing (and heavily foot-trafficked) opportunity. Our current setup at 1410 14th St. NW features SUMMER CAMP decor from this past weekend's Summer Bohemian workshop, and I'm just saying - that thing GLOWS at night. An evening visit is encouraged (and all the better for taking Black Whiskey up on their whiskey).

related: ticket sales for August's Topaz + Arrow workshop start next week!
related related: VERY PINTERESTING.