14 August 2013


We're so excited to announce that we're throwing not one but TWO Topaz + Arrow events this month!

There's a handful of tickets left for Lace, Lighting, and Jars: our August workshop! Join us on the 25th from 1-3PM for an afternoon that's part DIY craft session/part social event - we're so excited about this one (and oh man, it's going to be PRETTY).

OH OH AND AND - on Thursday, August 29, we're throwing an END OF SUMMER BUMMER! Join us from 7-11PM at the Ulysses Room for a night of gorgeous decor, great music, and short films from some of our favorite DC artists and filmmakers. We'll be serving complimentary refreshments and light food - this should be an all-around good time, and ladies! This would be an amazing time to intro the BROPAZ contingent to all things Topaz + Arrow. THIS PARTY IS TOTALLY DUDE-FRIENDLY.

Tickets for both events are available at TopazandArrow.com - and for more on Topaz + Arrow click here!