28 August 2013

Topaz + Arrow's Lace, Lighting, and Jars!

This weekend's sold out Topaz + Arrow workshop is UP THERE on my list of favorite craft sessions - there's something about light fixtures that I just can't get enough of, and getting to watch our forty guests combine lace panels, an Ikea cord kit, and a 24 oz. canning jar in our Lace, Lighting, and Jars class was amazingly fun to watch, to say the least (and to say nothing of getting to install the lace panels we used for decor)!

My TA partner Virginia came up with a great little how-to for fitting the cord kit through the lid of the jar, and from there spray paint, lace panels, yarn, and embroidery thread were copiously applied to both jars and cords. At the end of the session everyone left with a totally personalized (and totally gorgeous) light fixture (and some new skillz to apply to future projects).

Thanks so much, as always, to each and every one of our guests (you are the best Sunday afternoon company we could wish for), and to our generous partners - Kushi Izakaya for the delicious sushi platters, Créme Yvette for the cocktails (always a hit), and Boulevard Brewing, HonestTea, and Kind for the beer, beverages, and snacks, respectively.

We've got one more Topaz + Arrow event on deck this week - Thursday evening we're throwing an End of Summer Bummer party (oh please, join us!) - and our event information for our September workshop is up on the website. More on that later, and until then, check our Topaz + Arrow Instagram and FB page for more shots from Sunday!

all photos courtesy Victoria Milko.


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