19 September 2013

Gordy's at Need Supply

I've been working with DC-based, small batch pickle company Gordy's Pickle Jar for the last few months in the realms of social media and content creation. With a focus on craft and quality and detail, working with them hasn't only been a great intro to the makers and craft movement as a whole, but let it be known that their vision is just 100% MWAH, and I've learned a ton.
One of the best parts has been getting to pair the brand with artists and photogs on my side of the fence - Elizabeth Graeber's illustration of a Gordy's Gimlet recipe is about the best thing ever, and photographer Justin T. Gellerson has produced some AMAZING work for us, starting with the Eternal Summer lifestyle spread (to which the fine folks at MUTINY DC lent a hand, as well).
Most recently, we all spent a morning at the Rappahannock Oysters Co. bar (armed with Gordy's Sweet brine, Green Hat Gin, and a few kitchen accessories from Salt & Sundry), shooting and styling a set of pics for one of my favorite daily reads, the Need Supply Blog! I'm so very proud to have taken part in this; the recipe is up in its entirety, right this way.


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