11 September 2013

Panda Head Teepees!

It's been almost a year and a half since building a Lace Teepee Garden at the French Embassy for BYT Productions + St~Germain, and since then about half my brainwaves have been taken up by all things forts, tents, and teepees - from the Beauty and The East Tent for the Textile Museum last October to this Summer's Dream Fort at the South Street Seaport (to say nothing of the last few months of Topaz + Arrow installations), there have been few projects as satisfying as when I'm making something a little dreamy (and that I'm definitely able to lounge in).

photo courtesy Kate Warren
Last October I had the incredible luck to have had the oh-so-lovely ladies of BHLDN spot photos from the Teepee Garden on a blog, and when they got in touch asking for lace samples I realized that I could give into being a little overwhelmed by it all and say NO, or I could say YES and jump into action and so I did and in a matter of a week (and yeah - a few re-designs after that) I'd turned an art installation into an art product, and from that point on my whole perspective shifted - I still have yet to lose that feeling of shock when my career takes a turn for the what-I-would-be-doing-with-my-time-if-I-had-all-the-time-in-the-world, but it is a pleasant sort of shock, and a rewarding one at that.

And so, it's with incredible pride that I announce Panda Head Teepees to be alive and official - as of yesterday - at PandaHeadTeepees.com! With a new design - the Denim + Canvas Americana Teepee - and two more to be released by the end of the year, I could not be more excited about this new (ad)venture, and there aren't enough thank yous in the world for my family, friends, and biz associates who helped make this happen. There are so many of them, and I owe them each pizza slices and hugs. And - as always, and also with pizza and hugs - thank YOU. Panda Head Blog is the foundation on which this whole teepee structure was built, and I can't thank you enough for your readership and support. XOXO, forever.


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Blogger emily said...

So awesome. CONGRATS!! Hope to lounge (or play music? feel like it would be a great place to play music in...) in one of them tepees (SO into the denim Americana style, as you might expect) sometime soon!!!

7:10 PM  

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