23 September 2013

the Wild Hand.

I'm so excited to share the name and logo for the new workspace! Located in Studio 8 on the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market, the Wild Hand will serve as headquarters for all of my studio-mate Victoria Milko's and my various projects: a workspace in which to build Teepees; a black + white darkroom; and a showroom/gallery space in which to feature our work (and that of DC-at-large), hold workshops, and use as general office space for Panda Head Blog - we're thrilled at the possibilities that the space will allow, and we can't wait to share it with ALL of you.

Our first official event is on the calendar for October - keep up with the Wild Hand on FB + Twitter for updates and announcements.

Wild Hand logo designed by the VERY talented Alexis Thornlow. Thank you, Alexis!




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