10 September 2013

year two.

Mitchell and I met in ninth grade English; I was assigned to the seat directly behind his, and so spent the better part of the year staring at the back of the Nirvana t-shirt he wore to school every. single. day. Seventeen years later and on our second wedding anniversary, my only regret is not having asked him to keep said shirt FOREVER, because in hindsight he was walking around with an eBay lottery ticket on his back and I would LOVE to cash that thing in for two plane tickets to a tropical location.

Happy anniversary to the very the best husband in the whole entire universe (and a happy birthday to my Mom, too - two years ago we topped our wedding cake with birthday candles; thanks so much for sharing your day with us). My life would suck without you.

Year One.




Blogger lmgildner said...

Coolest and Cutest DC power coupleeeee :)

11:09 AM  

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