11 October 2013


This week went by in a complete whirlwind-flash of wildly exciting events, and I realized it's been one of those months where there's so much going on that it's been hard to slow down and celebrate, well, anything - but the flip side of that is that there hasn't been much time to dwell on the bummers, either. And while I won't go into the woes of (thankfully, very) minor car accidents and misplaced military jackets, I'm grateful to be able to share the following:

A big thanks to Daily Candy for including Panda Head Teepees in their Fall Wedding Guide!

In anticipation of this weekend's FLOR + Topaz + Arrow event, Virginia and I were asked to take part in a Fox 5 News morning segment - I'm happy to report that we got through it without passing out, which was a legit concern of mine. Many thanks to FAD Georgetown for having us!

I'm TOTALLY obsessed with cooking website Food52, and when they re-posted one of the Gordy's Grilled Cheese sammies to their Instagram my head almost fell off.

And re: Instagram - tickets for October's official Topaz + Arrow workshop went on sale this week! We'll be hosting Curation, Backdrops, and Filters (AKA Art Direction 101 for your Instagram feed/blog/laptop/LIFE) at my studio in the Monroe Street Market, and I seriously cannot wait for this one.

Last one! Speaking of the studio, we'll be open to the public during Art in the Mix on October 26th - the open studio event includes a Q+A and book signing with Scott Schuman/THE SARTORIALIST. See you there!

image by Alma Allen, via Emma Cooper.


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