28 October 2013

How Do You Do: Bar Cart

I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about our bar cart because I spend a disproportionate amount of time looking at it - it's visible from all angles of the living room, and sits directly across from the couch. And because the last thing this universe needs is another bar cart how-to, let's consider this more of a DETAILS TOUR:

Setting up shop. I know there's some magic formula out there for what you're technically supposed to include in a bar set up, but ours is based entirely on what we drink personally (whiskey, and on occasion, gin or tequila) and what's leftover from making specialty cocktails during parties. Keeping everything organized is a must - on a flat surface things can look...floaty if they're not reined in; that silver tray at top was a thrift store find, and below, one set of glasses sits on a round, wooden trivet, giving that set up a little more purpose.

Quirk. I'll preach negative space all day long (and it's a battle in a one bedroom apartment, where form and function have to meet somewhere in the middle), but I'm a firm believer that there's always room for a little WEIRD. While the eyeballs in the highballs (YOU LIKE THAT?) are Halloween-specific, the hand sculpture at top lives there full time, as does the little metal version, below. One of my fave bar carts belongs to my friend Gert (of menswear collective MUTINY); I'm wild for that jar full of arrows.

The stripey-straw is ubiquitous because it is just. so. fun. I blew through these in my iced coffees this Summer and will definitely be including them in upcoming cider situations - plus they're an easy fix if you need a pop of color. DC folks can shop them at Salt & SundryAnthropologie carries a similar set.

General merchandising tips. As with any set-up, you want a mix of hard and soft. It doesn't get much harder than glass, so a book stack, flowers, or a small basket of cocktail-appropriate fruit are all easy ways to even things out. That said, you and I both know that the fruit is a farce - it looks great for parties or in photos, but it's not something I'm going to have out on the daily. Think about integrating a more "permanent" aspect into the surrounding wall decor - you can catch a peek of the felted wool dreamcatcher hanging just above the bottles. It does a lot to lend balance; vibez.

How Do You Do is a series covering the how-tos (and general rules/rules to break) of all things lifestyle + styling + more.


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