23 October 2013

How Do You Do: On Balance.

Even with the new studio space, I still find myself working from home for a good chunk of the week - when I first went full-time freelance this felt like the world's biggest luxury (and at times, it still does - I'm a big proponent of a quick midday nap, and there's no better place for that than your own bed), but it DOES lend to an almost non-existent line between work-life and life-life. To keep my head from stress-flying off of my body, I've put a few systems in place over the last two years that, if nothing else, give the ILLUSION of balance, which helps in keeping my mind-furniture all feng shui flossy :

NO daytime TV, ever. The only exception is if I'm heavy into a teepee cover - they'll sometimes take up to twelve hours, in which case I'll blow through an entire series of something on Netflix. I'm also one of those nerds who has to work in complete silence, so music/movies/etc before 7PM are on a general ban. It's hard enough to NOT check my bloglovin feed every four seconds, so the fewer distractions I give myself, the better.

Take a "weekend." Calendar weekends aren't usually when I'm able to take downtime; this month, for instance, I had or have an all-day lookbook shoot, two days of Crafty Bastards, two Topaz + Arrow events, two events at the studio, and a large-scale decor installation - none of which were able to be scheduled during the week. It wasn't until about six months ago that I gave myself permission to stay in bed til noon on say, a Tuesday, after a long run of no time off. Un-productivity sometimes leads to productivity, and if nothing else I try to make time every couple of weeks to just sit on the couch for an hour and catch up on the magazine stack. That feels like a vacation in and of itself.

7PM. 7PM is my FAVORITE time because that is when I clean up whatever photo shoot/sewing project/general mess I've made of the living room (and if I'm working at the studio I'll try to head home to do this around 6:30). When it once again looks like adults live here, I'll light a candle (Wary Meyers has replaced my IKEA Tindra addiction), pour a glass of wine, and figure out dinner. If shit is CRAZY (and a lot of times it is) Mitchell will cook (because he is the best) and I'll keep at it, but at 7PM I'll at least give myself that little break before "evening work," which tends to be editing photos, returning emails, prepping blog and newsletter posts, and getting my plans in place for the next day.

DEAL WITH IT. I have as many hours in a day as Beyonce. No excuses, right?


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