13 November 2013

How Do You Do: Holiday Centerpieces

This edition of How Do You Do is wildly visual: holiday centerpieces have no rules to speak of, and my best advice is to veer towards simplicity. Think about using a range of materials: metal, wood, glass, and greenery make for balance, and keep it contained/keep it moveable/don't front - most tables are 30" wide, and the average plate is 10". While it pains to lose a visual, there's little argument against a bowl of mashed potatoes. Keep your footprint small if you want it to be enjoyed for the duration.

In addition to the aforementioned, don't be afraid to literally THROW ribbon or soft twine into the mix, whether for dimension or to soften things up. A collection of ornaments (or twigs, or fruit) looks so pretty with just a little adornment, and a vase isn't a "vase" until you stick something in it - in my Anthropologie days we called a simple collection of objects "a moment," and that rings true below, no?

Re: cost - besides the candle (SAFEWAY), the ceramic bud vase (a score from DC's Salt & Sundry), the twine (an easy Home Depot pick-up), and the greenery (it's all around us, man), everything came from the thrift store, and rang up less than ten dollars total.

Best of luck on your own set-ups; if you feel like sharing, I'm @pandaheadmorgan on Instagram - lemme see!


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Blogger emily said...

Is that a little magnolia leaf I spy??

10:39 AM  
Blogger cortney said...

this post isss gooooooooood.

10:55 AM  

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