26 November 2013

Manhattans, Bottles, and Bitters at Black Whiskey!

Thursday's Manhattans, Bottles, and Bitters: An Intimate Evening of Craft with Topaz + Arrow was a DREAM. Presented in partnership with Black Whiskey, we couldn't have had a better time guiding our guests in crafting gift baskets filled with all the ingredients for a classic Manhattan - whiskey, vermouth, Luxardo cherries, and a vintage coupe - and of course, BITTERS. Black Whiskey's Darren Norris expounded on the how and why, and Virginia and I had the best time watching everyone put together their own personalized Bitters mix.

Huge and heartfelt HOLIDAY THANKS to Mutiny for the woodsy and whiskey-appropriate table installation, to 13th St. Meats for so generously previewing their soon-to-be-opened shop, Meats & Foods (coming soon to 247 Florida Avenue NW - keep a look out for the Chocolate Chip Potato Chip Cookies, because MY GOD), to Gordy's Pickle Jar, Boulevard Beer, and Honest Tea for their respective and delicious contributions, and of course to Black Whiskey - Darren and Ari have been amazing friends of THE TOPAZ since day one, and we're always thrilled to work with them in any capacity.

Tickets for December's workshop (Curation, Backdrops, and Filters) are on sale now at TopazAndArrow.com - we'll see you there!

all photos by Emma McAlary - thank you, Emma!




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