21 November 2013

Manhattans, Bottles, and Bitters

If you follow Topaz + Arrow on instagram you've been getting sneak peeks all week of tonight's workshop - presented in collaboration with our friends at Black Whiskey, we'll be making our own bitters and crafting vintage-inspired gift presentations for all the components of a classic Manhattan! Add treats from Boulevard Beer, Gordy's Pickle Jar, a decor component by MUTINY (in addition to our usual Topaz + Arrow space transformation) and a preview of Meats & Foods, the new shop coming from the team behind 13th St Meats - this is a can't miss.

Many thanks to BYT's Best Weekend Bets, Washingtonian After Hours, 365 Things To Do In DC, and Racked for including Manhattans, Bottles, and Bitters in their weekly picks. With a few spaces left and tickets available at www.TopazAndArrow.com, we'd love to see you tonight! IT WILL BE MAGICAL.




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