09 December 2013

How Do You Do: Sparkly Holiday Wall Decor

My Decembers usually involve a far slower descent into HOLIDAY MADNESS, but this year I've been an absolute magpie, re: string lighting/holiday sparkle/all things FIR TREE. Accordingly, this edition of How Do You Do is dedicated to Holiday Wall Decor - whether for your entry or as a party aspect (read: SO Instagram-able). As follows, a cheap + easy how-to for a glittery situation to put on your walls/in your eyeballs.

Start with: as much evergreen as you'd like - most nurseries (and every Home Depot) sells pine + fir trimmings for between $4 and $10 each; those three wreaths are FAUX, and were thrifted for about fifteen bucks total. Otherwise: nails (or some other method of hanging your decor - don't discount a thumbtack, guys), jute twine (if you're going the trimmings route), matte white spraypaint, craft glue, a sponge brush or two (and a tossable cup in which you can mix glue + water), and GLITTER.
If you're working with thrifted wreaths, cut off all the crazy bows/pinecone clusters/other ACCOUTREMENTS, and spread the "branches" back out into their former glory. If you're working with live trimmings (and man, they smell SO good), break them up, and then re-assemble into manageable and wildly attractive clusters. Knot tightly at top with lengths of jute twine.

Set up shop outside and hit the edges and select inner spots of the branches or wreath with the spray paint - think about where snow would naturally dust and collect. You can always go back over to layer on more color, but spraypaint is one of those things you can't undo, so less is always more in the beginning. Once the paint is dry, mix craft glue with water (you don't want it to be too thin - after some trial and error, I settled on 3 parts glue to one part water), then dab onto the outermost tips of the sprayed areas of your greenery. Don't worry about being too gentle - you can smash the glue mixture right in there. Generously distribute the glitter.

Give the glue a few hours to dry, then shake off any glitter + pine excess (there will be A LOT). Tap a single nail into the wall and hang where ever it will catch the light/give you the largest amount of holiday warm + fuzzies.


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