17 December 2013


Holiday party steez, for when you're just about over it:

1. This Madewell skirt a) is on sale and b) is easy/party-appropriate. In my dreams/for full-on comfort, I'd wear it over leather pants and with a denim jacket, because a) my friend Katie wore a similar outfit recently and it was two thumbs up, and b) like I said, FULL-ON COMFORT.
2. At this point a hostess gift of a shiny gold platter DOES count as contribution to a potluck dinner party...
3. ...and yes, fancy candles in a store-bought dessert DOES count as effort.
4. A cutie jeweled barrette, to give some semblance of having done your hair.
5. And a nail art kit. Consider it something to do with your hands while you're zoning out in front of Netflix on those precious, non-party nights to yourself.

Products sourced by Cortney Peguese - thank you, Cortney!


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