16 January 2014


Minimal both in effort and design/dReAmCaTcHeR-y in spirit, this is one of those DIY projects that takes all of ten minutes, but packs enough wow factor to hang singularly in prime real estate, or in multiples as party decor or a photo backdrop.

The customization aspects of this project are endless – use my instructions as a starting point, and feel free to take wild liberties with color palette (I went very minimal, re: JANUARY), fabric types (I chose a flannel, a jersey, and a cotton sheeting, but could see silk, canvas, and anything else your heart might desire working out as well), and the width/length/number of your fabric strips.


an embroidery hoop (wooden or metal; any size). These are easy thrift store finds, and can often be sourced a few at a time, for less than two bucks each.

textiles. You can use fabric you have on hand, or source either new or used. I went with a minimalist color palette in complementary fabrics; all three were thrift scores and rang up to $7 total. *Fabric should be minimum 24" in length, and longer is ideal. Better to have more length to start with; you can always trim later.

a ruler, scissors, hammer and nail.

1. Separate the inner and outer sections of your embroidery hoop, choosing one to use for your base.

2. With your ruler and scissors, cut several 2" wide strips from each of your fabrics (you'll want a few of each for the next step). If you're happy with the way the edges look, proceed to step 3. If you'd like them to be more frayed, either drag against the scissor blade until you're happy, or toss the strips in with a load of laundry, wash and dry, and then move ahead.

3. Attach strips one by one to the embroidery hoop with a single knot, playing with placement until you're stoked on the visuals. Your end result should feature an odd number of strips (odd is always better than even in décor and display!). Trim the bottoms of the strips as desired (fraying the edges against a scissor blade) or leave long for max dramatic effect. Hang using the hammer and nail.




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