08 January 2014


I spent the weekend in West Virginia, celebrating my birthday with friends and fam, and in haphazard combinations of kimonos and coats, furry vests and sweatpants, and fuzzy, fuzzy socks (see also: all the wine, blueberry pancakes, and zero cell phone reception, AKA everything I look for in a vacation). The prefab, glass + window-walled cabin we stayed in – Lost River Modern – was unreal amazing, and it goes without saying that we were all bummmmed to have had to leave.

With my birthday falling so close to New Year's, I tend to go in for the whole RESOLUTION thing harder than I probably would otherwise. Topping my laundry list of 2014 to-do's? Work hard, sleep harder. Drink absurd amounts of water. Spend more time in notebooks and less on laptops. Posi-vibez, deep breaths, less iPhone, and more of the outdoors – I'm hoping they all add up to a one way ticket on the FENG SHUI BRAIN TRAIN; I'm tryna ride that pony straight into next year.


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Blogger Sofia said...

That cabin looks awesome!!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

it really was SO awesome - and not too far from DC! www.lostrivermodern.com

12:42 PM  

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