14 January 2014


Wild Hand Workspace, the studio I share with my friend + collaborator Victoria, has been four months in the making – after signing the lease in August and slowly but surely letting the space take shape, I'm excited to finally share photos, details, and a brand new website!

When we moved in, first order of business was making it a place we could office from. That meant getting wifi (which, in the case of 22' ceilings, turned into an unforeseen CONSTRUCTION ADVENTURE), moving in various project ephemera (getting the Panda Head Teepees lumber out of my house was life-changing), and sourcing furniture.

"Farmhouse Industrial" was our catchphrase when we were looking for larger and detail pieces - with our concrete floors and modern windows, we knew we wanted a mix of wood + metal. Our tables are barn doors found in Delaware (each around $30) with Ikea legs; the medicine cabinet and shelving unit are also Ikea, the latter of which we spraypainted a dark granite. Our tables and chairs were sourced all over (primarily in DC, at Miss Pixie's), and the antique farmhouse sink is great for storage, and was a hand-me-down piece my Mom was stoked to get out of her house.

Layering in details was the fun part (how amazing is Victoria's enormous American flag?), and organizing all our STUFF so the place still looked showroom ready was the challenge. With our two huge window walls the studio is ON DISPLAY, all the time, and "creative storage solutions" is MANTRA.

Located amongst 26 other artists' studios on the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market (in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC), we're incredibly excited to use the Wild Hand to the max this coming year. Beyond the day-to-day, we'll be hosting more events, more workshops, movie nights, pop-ups, and decor installations – and Victoria will be turning our bathroom into a darkroom! I can't wait to share all our goings-on here, and stay tuned to WildHandWorkspace.com for more on what we're doing in the space.


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Blogger emily said...

Wow I LOVE IT!!! And still gotta come visit sometime. Swooning over that farmhouse sink.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

thank you soooo much! and PLEASE DO. we <3 visitors!

2:09 PM  

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