27 January 2014


Founded in 2006, Richmond, VA-based Maslo Jewelry holds the basic attitude that design is design is design – each piece is composed of simple shapes, and skillfully combines vintage and modern elements.

About three years ago, Maslo founder/designer Nicole Maslowski moved her studio into Plant Zero, a giant (seriously, the place is like a maze) art center in the Manchester neighborhood. She recently went on a serious overhaul spree and rearranged everything to give the space an open, airy feeling for the new year. The table legs, fur throws, and chairs are all Ikea. To make the desk tops, Nicole (a crafting wunderkind!), painted hollow core doors from Lowe's. Most of the storage containers and displays are from a jewelry closeout warehouse.

Fresh and white, the makeover inspired a clear mind while gearing up for the next collection (which, BTW, will be heavy on silver and chunky chain). New line, new vibe.

WORKSPACE [12] was photographed and written by Panda Head contributor Katherine Roettger - thank you, Katherine! 

workspaces 1-11 here.




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