11 February 2014


The New Woodsman's Daniel Crawford has been doing his woodsy thing since 2007, when he started making vegan-friendly deer antlers out of resin. Lately he's been spending more time on patches and embroidery, and is toying with the idea of a possible move into jewelry.

Stopping by to visit his Richmond studio space, discussion centers around the banjos he makes from cookie tins, his time in the VCU sculpture department, and his recent exhibit at Gallery 5, before moving on to topics like animal carcasses. All of his molds are based off of real, (formerly) live examples; the fox skull he is currently attempting to find a use for was roadkill his Dad found for him back home. That's shopping local FOR REAL, and there's something fascinating and wholesome about it all.

The space's giant, industrial window lets in a jealousy-inducing amount of sun, and most of the furniture Daniel got from an abandoned office next door to a prior studio space.. Everything else has been gathered up over the years.

WORKSPACE [14] was photographed and written by Panda Head contributor Katherine Roettger - thank you, Katherine! 

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