07 April 2014


SPRING CLEANING inspired this round-up of household + DIY essentials; as follows, three things I'm loathe to live without (and quick to try to talk people into):

GOOD SCISSORS. You will never, ever regret having a good pair of scissors on hand – Fiskars are an inarguable classic/THE ULTIMATE (there's no greater luxury in life than a $30 pair from the fabric store), but a couple of years ago (in a couldn't-make-it-to-a-real-store crisis) I bought a pair of Singers and was shocked at how awesomely they cut. Do yrself a fave and whatever brand you buy: earmark one pair for fabric and another for paper, and keep a clunker pair or two (and an Exacto) around for the gnarly stuff, like chomping through cardboard, cutting rope, etc, etc, etc.

A STEAMER. A piece of legit EQUPIMENT is a hard sell, I know, but my steamer is one of the best purchases I've made in the last few years. I bought it out of necessity for a Textile Museum commission (80 lbs of fabric DOES NOT LAUNDER ITSELF), and the amount of use it's gotten since – for closet-oriented purposes – is staggering. I use it at least twice a week in lieu of an iron (and I swear Febreze + a steamer more or less equals drycleaning); project-wise, it's great for everything from laundering teepee covers to smoothing out tablecloths/fabric backdrops/etc. My Rowenta takes up like NO space in my closet and is a workhorse, to boot. A++ WOULD BUY AGAIN.

COMPRESSED AIR. I really wavered between this and a sewing machine for my third MUST HAVE, but in terms of sheer usage, compressed air is THE ONE. Between my house and studio, I have a psychotic number of little vignettes/book stacks/visual set-ups – each of which functions as ground zero for ALL THE DUST (regular dust, sawdust, textile dust, whateverdust). A quick zap once a week (or immediately following a project) keeps detailed surfaces in check, and can we all agree on the value of ANYTHING that delays the need for a full-on cleaning sesh? (YES)




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