10 April 2014


Moving the Panda Head offices from my kitchen table to a legit studio last year has been such a huge source of inspiration, work-wise. I can camp out and shoot + style + edit without having to rearrange my living room furniture (also, the lighting! We have two window walls, and it is a revelation); my studiomate Victoria and I merged WORK STUFF, and my prop collection grew leaps and bounds from her piles of vintage cameras; the 22' ceilings mean that there is always a teepee to sit in if we need to take a little break. And we often do.

So now that we're fully IN IT over at the Wild Hand, we knew we wanted to activate the space beyond just our day to day. We sat down at the beginning of the year and planned out what we wanted our Spring + Summer to look like, and for both of us that involved hosting workshops, art shows, project collaborations, cocktail parties, and MORE – and we're so stoked to have kicked off our season last week with the opening of a show by artist + illustrator (and friend!) Elizabeth Graeber.

I've worked with Elizabeth on a few projects over the last year, and often in collaboration with our friend Emily, a baker and folklorist with a Pie Blog that I fangirl on the REG. In February the three of us put together a "24 Hours in DC" city guide for Design*Sponge, and we've made a point since to try to get together once a month and just see what happens.

This time around Emily had the awesome idea of pairing her BAKED GOODS with a few of Elizabeth's paintings (how great are the Black + White Cookies with that zebra?? And the tiger stripes on the Samoa Pie?? YES), and we were able to work in a little shoot before the opening party. Emily's got the recipes and her inspiration over at Nothing In The House, and for a few more photos of the show you can kick it to Brightest Young Things.

It was so good to have the studio in FULL USE, and the energy of having the place filled with people was, well, ENERGIZING. We're beyond excited for the next few months of programming at the Wild Hand Workspace; there are a ton of workshops (including Blog Basics! I'm SO stoked to teach that in May), art shows, pop-ups, and MORE on the calendar, with additional events to be announced in the coming weeks. Come visit!


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