13 May 2014


Sunday, May 4 saw the first of the Blog Basics classes go down at Wild Hand Workspace – I couldn't have been more excited to teach this workshop. Focusing on all aspects of DIY design (from choosing, maintaining, and customizing a content management system to utilizing additional social media platforms; among other things we also covered basic html, image guidelines, overall art direction, and current/upcoming trends in blogs and websites in general), the small class size (I capped it at seven!) lent to a ton of discussion and personalized information, and the guests – all small business owners, and all with varying backgrounds, aesthetics, and experience – were an incredible source of information themselves.

My career is diverse, and my job description changes daily – this week, for example, I'm working as a visual consultant, a prop stylist, and an installation artist, and then hosting a Topaz + Arrow workshop on Sunday – but all roads lead back to Panda Head Blog. It's where everything comes together into one cohesive statement; it's where I put the bulk of my energies; it drives me when I'm feeling burnt out in other areas. It keeps the work coming in, and it gives me an outlet that's 100% mine. Having blogged since 2006, I know firsthand how valuable a third party can be when it comes to the INTERNET. The nature of online businesses/projects/what have you is EVOLUTION, and it can be a lonely little path. I'm excited about these Blog Basics classes being a place where guests can not only learn from my own trial and error and success and experience, but also from each other.

And so! I'm excited to announce that Blog Basics: Content + Promotion is coming up in September! We'll address content from A-Z, including best practices for crafting a post from start to finish, overall content strategy, and how to best distribute content across each social media platform (and beyond). Tickets and more information are here; I'd love to see you.

PS – there's a wait list going for a possible second installment of Blog Basics: Getting Started (on a TBD Sunday in July). Please email me if you're interested!




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