09 June 2014


breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Well, this seems like it was a hundred and fifty years ago, but I'm on the other end of my WHOLE30 JOURNEY and legitimately, this is the best I think I've ever felt (and looked. For real. My skin is currently made of magic). I'd absolutely recommend it to anyone feeling rundown/wine-bloated/brain-foggy (AKA SELF-EMPLOYED), and I can't stress enough how do-able it is – so much so that I'm planning on more or less moving forward with this whole Paleo thing as a lifestyle. That said, I couldn't be more ecstatic to occasionally hang out with my good friend CHEESE.

Thinking about taking it on? Good for you, and good luck. After the jump, a few things that helped me get through May:

Give yourself a few days to feel crazy. As someone who generally cooked six nights a week and felt they had a pretty good handle on how to do that healthily, the first few trips to the grocery store were still BEWILDERING. After about a week it finally clicked – where you'd usually put a grain or starch, just throw a huge handful of spinach or kale. Need a sandwich? Burrito that bitch in a nori wrap. Too busy for breakfast? Sorry, dude. If anything about it was difficult, it was definitely the time commitment – I went from having a skim latte + orange juice as a combined breakfast/lunch to making legit meals in the morning and afternoon. It was a hard switch to make, schedule-wise, but the fact that my brain worked better because of it actually meant I was gaining time instead of losing it. And when, a few weeks in, I got to the point where I had so much energy that I actually WANTED to work out, the same thing happened, re: productivity levels vs. carving out an hour to go to the gym. At core, the whole thing is just re-training you to take care of yourself the way you know you're supposed to (this includes being hyper-aware of what you're putting in your bod, and listening to it when it wants to move), and after 4 weeks it just becomes habit.

Seek inspiration. I never really hit any food boredom, but about two weeks in I realized that if I didn't diversify, things might get ugly. I can't recommend enough that you sign up for the support emails – the one shouting out homemade mayonnaise came right on time, and opened the door for fish sauce, hot sauce, two-ingredient mustard, and more. It was also about two weeks in when I started lurking Pinterest boards + Paleo blogs for additional recipe ideas; we treated ourselves to banana "pancakes" on one Sunday morning (technically not allowed, but ya know, it had been a long week), and I've made cauliflower-crust pizza no less than five times. The fifth time was the charm (the first? NOT SO MUCH).

A G U A. Drink it. All day long. This was one of those New Year's resolutions I'd yet to make good on; I'm now one of those people with a one liter Fiji bottle surgically attached to their hand. There's a reason nearly every interview with an actress over the age of 30 will touch on their INSANE WATER CONSUMPTION – it's like witchcraft for your hair + skin.

Lastly, just live your life. I made it through a wedding, two communal dinners, three birthday parties, and three barbecues without jumping ship. Did I want to drink? Did the cake look amazing? Did the hypnotic siren song of the Potato Roll ring loud and strong in my head? Yes, yes, and always. But I was fine, both in the moment and afterwards. And especially afterwards, because my jeans fit REAL FLY, I've forgotten what a hangover feels like, and I no longer throw hissy fits in the afternoon because work stress has collided with low blood shug. It's only thirty days, and that is coming from the poster child for immediate gratification (read: arm-crossing, foot-stomping, etc). There are way harder things you could be doing, and the negatives are far outweighed by the end result.


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Blogger Megan M-R said...

You rule Morgan! A week and a half in and inspiration is what I need. I'm gonna go get hot on that cauliflower pizza crust asap!

5:46 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

ahh Megan that's amazing! YOU GOT THIS. and yessss. the cauliflower pizza is a gamechanger.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

Loved this post! I know it isn't the point and it is about feeling great........BUT.......Did you loose weight ? I am in week 2 and already considering extending a few weeks.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

hey Lindsey! I did lose weight, but it was definitely more from having increased energy and hitting the G Y M consistently, starting about midway through. Congrats on making it to week 2! I've definitely kept up a lot of the "pillars" of the program - eating way more of what makes me feel good and way less of what makes me feel NOT good - but I gotta say, hitting the 30 day mark and being able to loosen the reins a bit was a big relief :) Good luck with the rest of it!

10:51 PM  

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