23 June 2014


This Summery, wild-green wall installation – a backdrop for yesterday's Topaz + Arrow workshop – could not have been simpler to put together! Made from easily sourced materials (the jute twine + clothespins are Home Depot scores, and did you know IKEA sells gold nails? They're my new fave hardware item), it's a 30 minute project, max. I love the idea of throwing this above a buffet or bar for a party at home (or for a wedding! or a shower!), and how pretty would this be with magnolia leaves? I'M KEEPING MY EYES PEELED.

You can customize the project to any size; mine spanned 10' and at that length, a laser-level was helpful in placing the nails. If yours is less than 3' you'll probably be fine just eyeballing it, and also with using only two nails per row (one at each end). For longer set-ups I'd recommend using a "support nail" or two to bridge the distance/avoid too much droop (and you'll want to wrap or tie the twine around any support nails - don't just drape it overtop). Keep the number of rows an odd one (that's a weird little visual rule I always pull out when we're talking decor; the asymmetry, for whatever reason, is preferable).

Once your nails are placed, sort + trim your leaves + branches so you know what you're working with. Clip a few onto your rows, staggering placement and height, then fill in the spaces between. It's all very LO PRESH: the more organically you work on this, the more organic-looking the end result. Have fun with it! And hey – a quick note on greenery: look for something that's not too delicate. This is a temporary installation, for sure, but you don't want it to wilt/start looking sad-face halfway through the party.

Summer-wild, right? Very seriously considering making this on a weekly basis, now through August, for the sole purpose of enjoying a spritzer-situation in front of it with my P E O P L E S. You're invited. Bring seltzer.




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