24 June 2014


I called in an expert for this month's SOUNDTRACK, and lucky you – personally, I listened to Donna Summer's GOLDEN HITS on the treadmill the other day, and briefly considered presenting a 4th of July mix that was 100% Skynyrd. In an attempt to maintain some level of cred, here is my young + hip friend Annie Buller to guide you through a Summer soundtrack that starts off all skinned knees + beers + bruises; ends all dreamy/starry in a field somewhere. Thanks Annie!

from Annie: I’m not really a fan of summer. I’m pale and I burn and I hate the heat. But there is one thing I love about the season, and that’s summer music. I love listening to songs about being a dumb kid with my friends in a backyard or a patio or a park and getting wild. I love songs about being recklessly in love or lust and feeling like you’ve got your whole lives ahead of you and meeting someone stupid or amazing or both and just going with it. I love how the days just go on forever and it almost seems like an impossible event that the sun is finally setting, that at last, it’s dark, like we haven’t been surrounded by constant darkness since November. But in the summer that darkness is just the beginning, or at least a brief and welcome intermission. I picked a bunch of songs for you all that I hope at least sort of capture these feelings. Most of them are from new releases, but there are a few from last year, or five years before, or 37 years before. At any rate, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to my friends for helping me keep up with what is the haps with music these days (specifically Marissa & Emily). Happy summer!

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