13 August 2014


I LOVE TRASH. I say this all the time during Topaz + Arrow workshops: when it comes to materials-sourcing, it's so easy to find value in the wreckage of someone else's project. Fabric scraps, lumber cast-offs, and thin little slices of leather that would otherwise be tossed are big scores, and I've got boxes and boxes of all of the above at the studio.

I ESPECIALLY love trash when it comes in the shape of a home decor item – and one of my favorite aspects of city-living is being able to source straight from the sidewalk. I'd love to say it's my commitment to UPCYCLING and ECO-AWARENESS that causes me to beeline for a cardboard box with FREE haphazardly sharpie-d on the side, but the reality is (and I have a feeling you feel me on this) that if it's scratched or broken or little too worn in for one man, then it is in prime shape to become T H I S  G U Y ' S coffee-table-treasure.

street finds, from the top: a wooden charger plate (now a coffee table centerpiece) and a plastic-handled vegetable peeler (DECORATIVE), found together during a morning dog-walk /// a clear plastic filing tray I came across in the alley behind my house. It originally had four skateboard-looking wheels; I pulled them off and put it to work wrangling bottles on our bar cart /// and a brass lamp that I haven't  q u i t e  gotten around to fixing yet, but I love the looks of it so much that we're letting it hang out in the meantime.


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Blogger Megan M-R said...

Nice ones! I miss DC's alleys for this reason so very much (and the haphazard gardens shooting up all tangly back there, ahhhh.... )

1:41 PM  
Blogger Priscilla de Lima Ledesma said...

so freakin' lovin' that lamp

5:43 PM  

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