27 August 2014


The love I have for Washington, DC is technically obsesh – but oh, man, I did NOT want to come home from San Francisco. The weather was B R E E Z Y, the city was gorgeous (I didn't even know I LIKED Victorian architecture; OMG ^^^ THE SIGNAGE), and we (along with our buddies who'd also traveled from DC to SF for the wedding) had booked an AirBnB in the Mission, which meant – amongst other things – that our coffee and food choices bordered on outrageous.

^^^ El Farolito, post-Burrito
^^^ counter steez and THE REBEL WITHIN, at Craftsman & Wolves
 ^^^ Thistle Co.
Staying in a house meant we had the luxury of feeling at home (in a place that we were actually in for the first time); I'd get up and run every morning, come back and wake up Mitchell so we could walk to get coffee and pastry, and then just kinda let the the day fall into place. It had been a minute since we'd gone out of town and officially been on V A C A T I O N; since we both have the daily option of working from home, we're way guilty of scheduling "away" time without actually taking any off. EVERY DAY FELT LIKE SATURDAY, AND IT WAS A REVELATION.

 ^^^ airBnB scenes: a sconce, a snack, and a slice of the totally gorgeous backyard
We really could have stayed for two more weeks – besides the fact that it was leather-jacket-weather in August, and that the glee I felt every time I saw a palm tree hadn't yet quelled when it came time to board the plane home – I just dug the city, and am tremendously grateful we had an excuse to head W E S T. I've been making big plans since we got home regarding Big Sur and Highway 1 and Scribe Winery; am hoping to visualize C A L I F O R N I A into happening again, and sooner rather than later.

A few more images from our stay in the Mission are after the jump, with one more set from the trip – a day spent with my friend Megan! – tomorrow.

^^^ we came, we saw, we ruined the cement. Morgan + Mitchell 4ever 
^^^ at our friends' Mike + Kim's house
^^^ and from the wedding reception – the bride + groom serenaded each other with Neil Young songs, and the bridesmaids joined in for Rhiannon. magical, right?


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