08 August 2014


one. NEWSLETTER? MORE LIKE BOOZELETTER. August's edition of NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS mailed out on Monday; with a theme of It's Hot: You're Thirsty, it's packed with beer stories, cocktail recipes, and a treatise on S P R I T Z E R S, all from a cast of contributors who are very much in the know. Check it here/subscribe here.

two. Wait, do I need this? I spent a lot of time this week staring at Jane Birkin photos and now I'm confused. Related: I'd like to retroactively tack this onto yesterday's B R E E Z Y inspiration round-up.

three. My weekend plans are FEW and for that I am grateful; I'm looking forward to digging into The Secret History, biking aimlessly around the city, and maybe putting some laundry away. Hope yours is as equally August-unambitious – enjoy it!


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