19 August 2014


Between photo shoots and events for my (AMAZING; BELOVED) weekly clients and other assorted freelance jamz, my personal workspace (the Wild Hand aside) changes on the day-to-day. It lends a ton of photo opportunity, and I thought I'd start throwing some of my own behind-the-scenes into the Workspace Series mix.

Above, a few images/details from a recent shoot at Etto, for Mutiny DC's Sunday COORDINATES mailer. The spread featured an Heirloom B.L.T. recipe by Nothing In The House's Emily Hilliard (you know Emily!); I was stoked to work on the production + styling end of things. This was an especially photogenic Mutiny project (though I gotta say, they're always pretty good looking), with the added bonus of getting to E A T the subject once we were wrapped.

Mutiny's COORDINATES 0263
the Workspace Series, here.




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