15 September 2014


In celebration of this weekend's weather, three of my favorite (and frankly, L A Z Y) Fall style standbys:

ALL THE HATS. Because it's SO much harder to get out of bed when you've slept with the windows open and it's chilly and THE SNUGGLE IS REAL – Fall hats aren't fashion statement so much as camouflage for the fact that you snoozed through when you were supposed to be taking a shower. SEE ALSO: dry shampoo.

SPEAKING OF THE SNUGGLE: LET'S TALK SWEATPANTS. Remember how dreadfully dreadful last Winter was? Towards the end I was wearing sweatpants in public like I was getting paid for it. I'm not saying that's a good thing, but I am saying that once the weather starts creeping past C R I S P my inclination to put on real pants will fade, and since I KNOW this about myself the least I can do is save myself the embarrassment of RUSSELL ATHLETICS and find a pair that's slightly more socially acceptable. Beyond that (and I speak from a depth and wealth of experience), the trick is to avoid pairing them with any other casual cotton situations, and to throw a leather jacket at the problem. I would also recommend a weird shoe, which – while impractical and likely not maximally comfortable – is a fair trade-off for an elastic waistband.

AND WHEN YOU'RE FEELING *REALLY* LAZY: Fall makeup is SO KEY when you need to class up even the most haphazardly-layered, tossed-on outfit – truly. I rely heavily on a Fall uniform of head-to-toe denim, and it's almost miraculous how a smudge of bronze eyeshadow and a dark lip can E L E V A T E. I'm a big fan of L'Oreal – the price point is great for trying out new colors, and their Blushing Berry is my current jam.


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