10 September 2014


The corner of our living room just underwent a M A S S I V E overhaul (you can see previous incarnations here at Refinery29, and more recently/crazily, here); it took one weekend, several Home Depot trips + two dozen drywall bolts to make our dream of wall-mounted record storage a go, and M E R C H A N D I S I N G the new addition has made for some seriously satisfying zone-out time this past week.

The depth of the shelving (13") was crying out for a little surrounding dimension, and the materials + contents (wood, metal, and paper) needed some G R E E N E R Y to balance out. Having once been told by a plant-loving friend that even I would have a hard time killing a hanging fern, we trekked back to Home Depot to pick one up. And since at that point we were totally unwilling to spend any more money on the project (and 100% out of energy for anything COMPLICATED), I took to my supply stash to hammer out a plant hanger.

 Two 90" sections of vintage clothesline, a handful of wooden beads, and a few other odds and ends (plastic tubing sections, a metal and a plastic ring, and several short sections of copper tubing) made for a quick little project – this came together in about ten minutes. The trick is not to sweat the symmetry of the ACCENTS: just knot and stack til you've made something pretty. It'll all work out in the end (and that's more or less my life philosophy).

A visual step-by-step is after the jump!


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Blogger Elizabeth Graeber said...

awesome! more plantss!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Shoko said...

so awesome! i've been killing every plant i own, but i love this idea :)

5:39 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

thanks ladies! and Shoko - seriously, if I keep this guy alive I will be SO impressed with myself.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Paige Smith said...

I love the idea of hanging your plants in pots around your house. I was reading in an article yesterday that climbing plants need a place to climb, verses plants that would have other specific needs. I think planting climbing plants in hanging pots is a perfect way to meet their needs. macrame pot hanger

10:27 AM  

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