09 September 2014


The last few months went by like L I G H T N I N G, and I imagine you're in the same canoe – can we all agree that it being September 9th is borderline insane? I keep drawing a blank when someone asks how my Summer was; while my final answer is that it was truly and totally G R E A T, it was also a little bit of a blur. Above and below, a few moments from June, July, and August that I wanted to share before F A L L  M E M O R I E S rendered them completely out of sight/out of mind.

 post-Brookland Farmer's Market | at Meats & Foods | posters at the Anjelika
lace curtains + coffee on the porch at our friend Becky's | a Summer salad EXTRAVAGANZA
my niece IN ACTION | at the Wagon Shed | cocktails at Etto | behind Union Market - loved this




Blogger emily said...

I'll take that cocktail again, please!

3:20 PM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

I will take ALL the cocktails at Etto!! LET'S DO IT.

8:51 AM  
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