26 September 2014


one. Aww! How cute is that jar of Gordy's? SO stoked to see my friends + clients featured + illustrated as part of What's On Hand in (the amazing) Julia Turshen's kitchen. via Camille Styles.

two. I don't want to be dramatic but these gifs are LIFE-CHANGING. How To Give Yourself a Japanese Face Massage, via The Cut.

three. Thrilled to have contributed to the BYT Fall/Winter Style Guide! Read on for some very adorable essays, re: chambray/turtlenecks/leather jackets/etc, from a really excellent group of women.

THIS! WEEK! I spent the beginning of it running around on a stylist pull (AKA fake-dream-shopping at twenty-or-so local shops + boutiques, because not only is it almost October [which is frankly insane], but it's already time for print mags to put together their HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDES [which frankly leads me down a strange and philosophical tunnel built of time constructs and flat circles, etc etc); I'm spending the last of it in wild embrace of Fall food and weather and friends and fam. I hope your own September is winding down all nice and easy – XO!




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