20 October 2014


Three things I maybe shoulda left in my 20s (but for better/worse, are around for the long haul):

DRESSING FROM THE THRIFT. While Bizarro Morgan is walking around somewhere with an entire closet full of dry-clean-only investment pieces, in  r e a l  l i f e I haven't yet figured out where to find the disposable income that allows for the Lucky Mag-fueled existence I'd assumed one just wandered into once their mid-30s started happening. If anything, with age comes u n i f o r m, and while I'm loathe to spend money in a regular retail environment beyond what I know I'll be wearing over and over and over, I have no problem going absolutely bananas at the thrift store. A solid three quarters of my wardrobe once belonged to somebody else; the difference a decade has made is that now I know what looks good on me, I keep a list of Things I'd Love To Find so that I don't go off track and come home with a haul of random weirdness (right now I'm on the hunt for a wool fisherman's sweater and a vintage yellow rain slicker), and I don't buy pieces that I know will need major repairs or sewing machine love (though allowances will always be made for insane jumpsuits, etc).

GETTING DUMB-ASS TATTOOS. I have an extremely prominent portrait of the logo for a Mexican canned goods company on my left arm; my sister and I have matching NO STAIRWAY(s) and we've been threatening to get our nicknames for each other permanently inscribed. The older you get the more likely the just-for-funsies ideas you have are likely to remain funsies forever, and this philosophy is ironic (and therefore especially valuable) coming from someone who had a hilarious, late-90s tribal tattoo that she got when she was SIXTEEN removed from – wait for it – HER CHEST. I figure I've found myself in a creative career, I'm not getting anything on like, my forehead – so you know. Y O L O and everything.

DRUGSTORE DEBBIE: I'd like to get on the record that 1) I've (mostly) stopped cutting/dyeing my own hair (quick shout out to mah girl Brenna at Salon Pejman [insert magic-vibes hand emoji]) and 2) I get my nails done/a polish change about weekly (if only because I'm a hand-talker and my work is ALL hands-on and I have to go to events and frankly, manicures cover dirt). But otherwise I am an enormous proponent of drugstore beauty. Sure, I've upgraded a few K E Y items (foundation is now, well, FOUNDATIONAL, and so attention must be paid), but from face wash to lipstick, I'm still haunting the same aisles at Target that I was ten years ago, and I'll probably be there ten years from now, too.


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