27 October 2014


I have a cold! Outside of the occasional and general "I don't feel well," I am NEVER sick, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little glad for the forced opportunity to lay on the couch, catch up on  m y  s t o r i e s , and eat soup. So that's where I'll be if needed; until tomorrow, here are a few photos from this weekend's Topaz + Arrow Pumpkin Carving workshop!

It was super fun and easily the MOST C H I L L Topaz we've ever had – there's something about the kid's crafts that bring out an intensely quiet concentration in grown adults (though it's also possible that the fun-sized candy just put us all into a waking, carving sugar coma). Quick shout out to our friend Crystal of Miss Fete – she provided us with the S P O O K Y decor materials, and we went to town with her spiderwebs and awesomely goth streamers – and to our talented DC artist-friends Kelly Towles and Elizabeth Graeber for letting our guests stencil their artwork.

The final Topaz + Arrow of 2014 is next month – we'll be making wreaths using unexpected materials and celebrating all things H O L I D A Y. Tickets are up now at TopazAndArrow.com!


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