24 November 2014


It's Thanksgiving week! That's e x p r e s s calendar permission to go bonkers on holiday decor, which is hugely exciting until I realize that my boxes-on-boxes of string lights haven't magically un-tangled themselves after having been unceremoniously d u m p e d into storage eleven months prior. SO. With a ton of Fraser Fir + White Pine branches left over from this weekend's Topaz + Arrow wreath-making workshop (and a definite need to put the bulk of my decor-time into THE STRING LIGHT STRUGGLE), here are two insanely lo-effort (read: no-effort) ways to jump-right-in to the holiday spirit. All you'll need are scissors,* a vessel, and that GOOD GREEN.**

THROW YR TRIMMIES IN A BOWL: this hammered brass situation was a very lucky thrift find; small-ish in diameter and with deep sides, it requires minimal greenery for max impact, and is Very Attractive as a table centerpiece or shelf accent. Make sure to bulk up on materials if your bowl is deeper or wider in diameter, and make a point to M I S T your greens once a day to keep them from drying out/getting brittle.

Similar bowl scenarios: herehere, here, and here.

ABOUT VASE (and re: misting) : it's easy to forget that boxwoods + evergreens are REAL LIVE PLANTS, if only because they're so sturdy. A vase is an unexpected but still totally sensical way to display holiday greenery, with the added bonus of yr trimmings lasting F O R E V E R (or at least as long as you remember to re-fill their water supply). I tucked some scraps and some bare branches into my favorite little bud vase (purchased from DC's Salt & Sundry), and here's a trio of friends in the same vein: one, two, and three.

Working with a larger-mouthed vase? Use a hair tie to keep branches contained, and regardless of size: use a critical eye, and play with arrangement until you're stoked on the visuals. It makes for a very Z E N little project.

*use your crummiest scissors – between sap and stems, this is one of those projects that will wreak havoc on nice/new shears.

**any local-to-you nursery – or your closest Home Depot – will have branches by the bunch, and for less than ten bucks. Can't make the trip? Wander around the neighborhood with your aforementioned junk-scissors. Anything with needles and/or a waxy leaf/fibrous stem should suffice to get ya in the holiday m o o d .




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